Like a Boss

Money is a good servant, but a terrible master!

Hello Riters, welcome back, how is your holiday going? Are you learning that new skill or upgrading yourself to be better prepared for the days ahead or just sipping that Mojito alongside that private beach? Whatever you are doing, below are the principles that if used correctly will teach you how to close the deals, negotiate better terms, grow business, be successful as a salesman & as a leader, giving you exponential return, and all it take is 5 minutes to read.

The Principles are from ‘Dale Carnegie’ book titled ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. Some of these principles have helped me in my personal journey and I want to share the same with you. I have distilled most of them, divided into three categories (self-made), and tried to explain the principles in my own words (not necessarily the same order), nevertheless the book contains in-depth explanation of all the principles, and I would highly recommend you to have a copy of the book to refer to (link to book).

Win People-

  • Don’t criticise, condemn or complain about people. It is seriously just a waste of time. 
  • Give Honest and Sincere Appreciation back to people wherever possible.
  • The world is full of people who want to grab your attention, Be the one who tries unselfishly to serve others. Arouse in other person an eager want by showcasing how you can help them be it via service, a product or just a talk.
  • Become genuinely interested in other person, encourage them to talk and be an active listener. Make other person feel important and do it genuinely.
  • While negotiating or making a sales pitch talk in terms of other person’s interest.
  • Always wear a smile in your face, and try remember the other person name (make sure not to misspell the name).
  • Avoid unnecessary Arguments. (Especially if it is with your Partner 😉)
  • Show respect for other person’s opinion. Never directly say ‘you’re wrong’ (especially in a professional setting).
  • Try genuinely to see something from other person’s view. Be Sympathetic with their idea.
  • When you are right try to win people gently and tactfully to your thinking, but when you are wrong admit it quickly with all enthusiasm.

Be the Businessman-

  • Get the other person to say ‘Yes, Yes’. A person is more likely to agree to your suggestion if you get them saying yes & yes. If you want to get the deal close, don’t start with a ‘No’. It is difficult to convert a No to Yes, so get them to your liking and then suggest something.
  • Let the person feel that the idea is his or hers. Often times we see the salesman next door pushing a product to us, enlisting all the features of it, but we ignore. We won’t buy it unless we feel we are in control of the decision! The same applies on the other side, if you are selling something make the other person feel that the idea is his or hers to buy, and you are just helping them make the choice.
  • Dramatize your ideas. Yes!, As Seth Godin Says “All Marketers Tell Stories”. Make a Story around your product or service try to sell the story rather than the product, a hope, a value, a vision.  The truth has to be made Vivid and Interesting; you have to put the emotions at work.

Like a Leader –

  • To Motivate someone to do task, if no appreciation works, try throw down a challenge. Challenge your Employees to sell that next big thing, or your kids to wake up early (this one is difficult :-p). Nevertheless, Challenge motivates people to achieve bigger things.
  • Always begin with a praise and honest appreciation, even if you are to tell someone their shortcomings. Most People will listen to the full feedback once you make genuine effort to see the good side of their work or effort.
  • Call attention to people mistakes ‘indirectly’. Never directly say you are Wrong, instead tell them scenario where things would have been better handled.
  • If you and your team had made a mistake, first point out your mistake and then criticize others.
  • Don’t Order, Nobody likes to take Orders. Instead Suggest your Employees by Asking Questions. Asking questions can also fuel their Creativity and you may not know about better solutions that can come up along the way. For example – if a Customer is not satisfied with your service, maybe call your team and ask ‘How do you think we can provide better service to xyz?, team’
  • Praise the slightest improvement and be lavish in your praise.
  • Make other person happy about doing the thing you suggest. Maybe Incentivise your Employee, give them a portion of the benefit.

Remember no one grows alone. Take care of People around you, and they will in turn reciprocate. Be it your Partner, or Employee, they deserved to be praised and feel valued! The principles listed above will not only help you in your Professional, but also in your Personal Journey.

Let us know in comments below, what principles you think will help you in your personal Journey!

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