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7 Luxuries of the wealth

Today lets discuss the Top 7 Luxuries owned by the richest of richest 1% in this world.

1. Super Cars

Elon Musk and his $1 Million worth Lotus Esprit submarine car, James bond style super car. Zuckerberg Pagani, Bill Gates Porsche 959 are some of the super cars owned by Billionaires. Not to mention they own multiples of them.

2. Artworks

Now some can call it Investment, others can call it a passion, a hobby or just a leisure, the eye for paintings or rare artifacts is a thing Billionaires love to have. But this Mexican Telecom Magnate took it to another level, Carlos Slim, owning museum of Artworks worth $800 Million which hosts around 66,000 collections from around 30 centuries.

3. Mansion

Here the list can grow huge, but we would like to mention the expensive of the most. Antilia, Mumbai, owned by Business Tycoon, India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, worth more than a Billion this 27 Story Property have six underground parking and requires 600 staffs to maintain it! Want to read more checkout the site here.

Antilia, Mumbai, India

4. Island

Many Billionaires own Private Island for holiday retreat, to destress or rejuvenate themselves. To mention a few; Larry Ellison, Chairman, CTO, Co-founder of Oracle Software Giant, owns Hawaiian island of Lanai for around $300 Million. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group own Nector Island, British Virgin Islands! To check more click here.

5. Yacht

Just like Super Car, Super Yachts is treasured by many Billionaires. It is rightly said that being amidst the vast ocean, soothes & relaxes your mind, and this so called ‘Blue Mind Phenomena’ is the reason why many Billionaires & Millionaires park some of their cash in this Luxury!

Owned by Rober Kuok, History Supreme is one of the most expensive Yacht, priced at around $4.8 Billion, this super yacht have 68kg of solid Gold Aquarium and rare 18.5 carat liquor diamond bottle. Read here for more expensive yachts.

6. Private Jets

Billionaires can afford a lavish lifestyle and luxuries beyond our imagination. Airbus A380 owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal for around $500 million is probably the most expensive Jet owned by an Individual. And here is your list to further explore including Donald Trump who owns a Boeing 757.

Boeing Business Jet 2 , owned by Ambani

7. Sports Team

Not Just Sports Car, Billionaires also like to own a Team! Steve Ballmer Microsoft’s co-founder spent around $2 billion acquiring NBA team Los Angeles Clippers.

We hope our beloved Millionaire Gary Vaynerchuck gets to get Jets soon 😉

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The Rich Way

7 Things that Rich do different than Poor. Welcome on-board, lets help you put that extra buck in your pocket.

  • Passive Income – Rich earn even in their sleep. Yes, they have a source of Income that puts Money constantly into their pocket even when they are not working. Passive Income of 1000 INR is worth more than 10,000 INR, how?, just imagine the time saved and the freedom gained. After all wealth is for ones Financial Freedom. One source of passive Income is by buying stocks that pays you dividends regularly (after every quarter or so). You can start with a small investment, all you need to do is open a Demat account with a brokerage like Zerodha and take it from there (check out our blog post on how to avoid investment mistake before investing, also follow this space for more tips and tricks)

  • Keeping money is harder than making – Money management is not easy. The expenditure for majority of people grow proportionally with their Income. This is also the reason why almost all lottery winners end up spending what they have won. The urge to spend the money to show Rich than to be Rich is strong. Rich definitely know better Money Management than Poor. Once you made your first crore to make the second all you need to do is replicate. But how to save & invest and let your Money grow on its own is not something majority understands.

  • Focus on Increasing income not cutting the cost – Yes, you heard it right. Rich don’t try cut the cost in small things. Majority will walk an extra mile saving cost rather than focusing on earning more. Instead of cutting cost every now & than, we urge you to first think like Minority and Increase your Income, so that you can afford all the nice things in your life. How?, May be learn a new skill that pays you more, or do some side hustle that help put some extra cash in your pocket.

  • Over 50% of Rich earnings go to investments – Yes, Invest like crazy! If you want to be wealthy, you need to have a tight grasp on your savings & investments. You need to be able to park enough money (the more the better) in different assets. You may diversify your portfolio in assets like Gold, Real Estate and Stocks. If you want some quick tips on Investment do check out our very first blog here. Almost all wealthy people and brands invest more than 50% of their earnings. If you are beginner and don’t know where to start you may like to read our blog post here. To start Investing in Stock Market, you can open a demat account here.

  • Don’t borrow Money if it is not to make Money – This rule applies strictly for the elites. Rich don’t borrow unless the money helps them make more Money. They won’t pay bank the interest unless they make their cut. By borrowing money like majority to finance your new house or buy a new car your making the Bank & Bankers wealthy while putting yourself in debt. Debt not taken for the assets that put Money in your pocket is useless. So think whom you want to make rich, yourself? or them?

  • Multiple Streams of Income – To be wealthy you definitely need to have the money flowing in through multiple ways. A side hustle, a full time Business or job, a passive source of Income; you need to work hard to at least grow the 3 sources of Income. Multiple Source of Income also keeps you portfolio hedge against a Crisis. You are less likely to be victim of a Crisis, and more likely to be at peace. An Online side hustle, free lancing etc may come handy.

  • Invest in self – Investing in self is one of the most underrated advice. Ever wondered why Successful people read more than an average person?, the answer is simple your knowledge = future returns, the more skills you know the greater the opportunity to multiply your Money. This is the same reason why a Businessman earns more than an employee, they have figured out a solution, they know the full breadth of the System and not just a single piece of the puzzle like the employee who may be specialized on a single task. So learn a new skill, or grab a book, even better listen to two free books of your choice here at Audible.

Lastly but not the least, if you want to know more definitely check out this video by Alux.com. This article is inspired by the same. While the opinion above is completely ours, the primary source nevertheless remains this video.

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